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Asset Management Identification and Value Added Advice

The RAM Asset Management team are far more than ‘management surveyors’. We use our expertise and experience to identify and suggest the best ways to capitalise on your investment.

Using our combined years of property experience and expertise, we provide an ongoing and constant review of all our client's assets, enabling us to identify and suggest income generation and capital enhancement opportunities, turning your investment asset into the gift that keeps giving.

Such opportunities include:

  • Displaying billboards/digital media screens on the outside of buildings
  • Taking back vacant space above a tenanted shop and converting it into residential
  • Acquiring a neighbouring shop in different ownership and/or extending to the rear to accommodate a convenience store relocating to your ownership (or to stop them from relocating out of your ownership).
  • Splitting a large industrial building into more lettable/more valuable smaller units
  • Over-cladding a dated industrial building to look new, realising a higher rent, with resultant capital value enhancement providing an immediate return on capital invested
  • Reletting vacant space (perhaps deliberately creating that void) to generate evidence to prove rental growth for upcoming neighbouring rent reviews of space also in your ownership
  • Obtaining planning change of use consent to a premium/higher value than existing (for example, hot food in a shopping parade)

We can appraise your asset and suggest potential capital enhancement options to increase your income and boost your investment.

This is part of our comprehensive asset management service, provided by expert management surveyors. To speak to a team member today, call 0345 956 9796 or email today.

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